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These concepts were new to me, I wonder what the world would look like if all people have this knowledge that I have acquired. I feel the institute needs to continue to provide opportunities for people especially in the developing world where the discourse on disability and health is still shallow, limited mostly to what the able bodied people think is right for disabled people.

– Institute participant, 2016

CREA’s annual Disability Sexuality and Rights Online Institute is a six-week long online course begun in 2010. It provides a conceptual study of disability and sexuality, and its interlinkages with issues of feminism, public health, development, violence, and media and representation, amongst others.

The Institute uses a rights-based approach and practical action models. It is intended for practitioners and has a strong component on activists’ initiatives that integrate disability, sexuality, and rights. The Institute is accessible to people with hearing and visual impairments. 

The Institute is designed and taught by an international group of academics and activists in the disability rights field, specialising in sexual and reproductive rights and health from a global South perspective. 

The Institute aims to develop awareness on issues related to disability and sexuality, and a political perspective on disabled people’s sexual and human rights. The Institute provides a study of theory and practice for people working in fields such as development, health, and rights, including disability and sexuality. The course is conducted entirely online in English with presentations, reading, discussion, research, activities, and a final project.

For more information on participating in the next Disability, Sexuality, and Rights Online Institute, please check the calendar for available dates.